Techno Marine Contracting LLC is part of the one of the largest Group in UAE and Africa – Divers Group. Techno Marine Contracting L.L.C was established on 26 March 2017 as a part of Divers Group, we intend starting our construction business on a medium scale in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but we have a bigger picture – to have our presence in any part of the world that our clients want us to work. We hope to achieve this feat within the first 10 years of launching the company. The fact that we are based in the Abu Dhabi does not in any way restrict our scope of operations to the city.

Techno Marine Contracting LLC as part of Divers Group is specialized in the constructions of Port Works, Rock Revetment Works, Naval Jetties, Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Installation for Desalination Plants, Water Storage Tanks, Beach Works, Dredging Works, Diving Services, Maintenance Works of Marine Infrastructures, Marine Piling, Floating Marina, Exploration of Oil and Gas Works, Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Installation for Oil and Gas, Onshore and Offshore Marine Cable Installation Works. 

As a matter of fact, we aim to be known for delivering world class marine, Oil and Gas and Building contractor across the UAE. Creativity, excellence and timely completion of construction projects will be our signature. As part of our plans to make our highly esteemed customers well satisfied through our quality services. Our number one priority is to become a global marine construction brand, we have perfected plans and strategies that will enable us work with our clients in delivering projects that can favorably compete with the best in the industry at an affordable and reasonable price within the stipulated completion date barring any unforeseen circumstance.

Techno Marine Contracting LLC is owned by the principal partner; Mr. Abdulla Darwish – British Citizen and another partners Mr. Mubarak Alremeithi – UAE National. Mr. Abdulla Darwish who is the principal partner has well over 30 years of experience in the marine construction industry. Before starting Techno Marine Contracting LLC, he is also a Managing Director of Divers Group.

Company Brochure
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Techno Marine Contracting L.L.C. is aims to implement continuous improvement by;

Involving staff at all levels in a constant search to recognize the importance of the environments and improvements towards enhancing productivity, reducing waste in all form, attaining a higher quality of products and services.

Providing staff with the internal training, techniques and authority to work closely with the Client and comply with their environmental rules, regulations and specifications they need to identify and improve the progress and resolve the problems. Setting high-performance standards and measuring results to implement and upgrade its Environmental Procedure.


The name Diver has become synonymous with reliability, commitment, quality and prompt delivery in the marine industry of the UAE. We have constructed the foundation for successful long-term partnerships from 1988 by focusing on each aspect of the company that is of crucial significance to our clients and customers. Diver was first established in 1988 as a small marine contracting company for underwater operations. Today, we have grown and expanded to offer our clients a variety of services that span an entire range of underwater and marine operations. These include specialized diving operations, marine civil engineering and installations, seashore pipelines and intake lines installations work, salvage, repairs, onshore/offshore preventive maintenance services, survey projects and reports including underwater photography and video scanning. 

Techno Marine Contracting L.L.C (Abu Dhabi), activities originated with its core port and marine construction business, we have the expansion plans in near future for TMC to diversify its portfolio substantially over the years to Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Fields and Facilities Services, Electrical Contracting, Building Maintenance, Civil works of energy generation construction stations, all kinds building projects contracting.  


Divers Marine Contracting L.L.C (Dubai), holding company incorporates within its folds the various divisions of Marine works, Salvage, Pipeline and Diving. The last decade has also seen the Diver Group of companies stepping out beyond the borders of U.A.E to establish a strong presence in whole MENA region.   

Diver Cargo & Ship Maintenance LLC (Sharjah and Dubai) has equipment hire services in addition to plant machinery and vehicle servicing. The facilities at the Diver Base are on par with those offered at all ports. From its early steps, the Diver group of companies took a conscious decision to offer value-added quality services and reliable and prompt delivery offerings to its clients and incorporate effective management operations and policies within its organization.

Our achievements in the last decade are in large part the results of our strategic focus on these areas. It is the human element in an organization that truly embodies its culture and policies. And this is also true of the Diver Group of companies. We owe a significant measure of our success to our dedicated and committed staff, which has worked together as a team to ensure that the policies of the company are always maintained.

Mr. Abdulla Darwish
Managing Director



It’s the innovative people that make Companies: the things that drive them, their entrepreneurship, dedication, vision, passion, team spirit and care, and what they want to share with the world.


Techno Marine’s Peoples have common passion; for technology, for providing innovative solutions for maritime, MEP, Oil and Gas and Civil construction challenges and for achieving the best possible result. Their unflagging passion, commitment, energy and enthusiasm defines our character and is reflected in how we work.


Shared work is critical to our success and founded on the understanding that together we achieve more than we can alone.

Seek excellence

We burgeon on developing new solutions, clutching opportunities and up thrusting standards across everything we do.

Deliver results

We are driven to deliver and willing to do what it takes to ensure meeting our targets and reaching our aspirations.

Exceed expectations

We aspire to achieve our best every day and to never reconcile for anything less than the very best from ourselves, our human resource and our company.