Rock Works

Divers Group L.L.C. is among the one of the U.A. E’s leading Groups in the rock protection works that provides the following services in the field of rock protection of marine sector.

  • Breakwater
  • Rock Revetment
  • Rock Pitching

Breakwaters and rock revetment help to protect the shoreline which may occur for land and human activities by the sea. At present we have a large background with our requirements which are aggregated with the sea or marine environment. It can be beach protection, port or jetty protection, Land protection either which ever land is hurting by sea.

We have a solution and granted for the millions value of project for the UAE government sector and private sector. Using of Armour rock, Filter rock, Geo-textiles in varies sizes we build up the breakwaters and rock revetment. All layers and materials are according to the client’s requirements and site status.

Constructing of thousands of meters these breakwaters and rock revetments including the rock pitching we have given high participate and a good solution for the UAE marine land pollution and given big range and space to maximize their marine area and protect it.

We have protected the H.H. sheikh Mansour island, Mina Port, Ghazlan Island, H.H. Sheikh Mansour Palace and a lot of government places with our protection tools.

Pipeline Installation Works

We offer a service for Pipeline System, a marine contracting, onshore and offshore pipeline Installation Company and earth moving. As a Marine Contractor we carry out projects around the U.A.E. with respect for the environment. Professional skills are combined with experience and innovation. We offer our clients solutions to their Marine Engineering problems while managing the entire process from design to completion.

  • Onshore Pipeline installation
  • Offshore Pipeline Installation

Our location is in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We are specialized in the following pipeline turn key projects; had a past experienced in the last 19 years in pipeline projects specialized in HDPE, GRP, Steal Ductile Iron, PVC Coated Pipe, and Concrete Pipe from 100 mm to 2000 mm diameter pipes.

With project experienced jobs, we carried out the large drinking water pipeline in the region of 33 km long.

Our constant focus is to give the best services to the clients by solving of their marine construction problems and constructing of all marine works.

We are an independent private company with a solid foundation. Achieving good financial results plays a crucial role in both our operations and we always keep the long-term continuity of the company in mind. Investment in people, equipment, safety and quality are always our top priorities.

Beach Works

The beach reclamation and rectification offer variety and comprehensive range of marine services to the onshore, offshore and marine industries from our offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi U.A.E. The company has built up an impressive list of clients in Gulf region.

  • Beach Design
  • Beach Rectification & Reclamation
  • Beach Cleaning

As an independent company, we can offer impartial worth on all phases of your requirements in above industries and recommend equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. We assembled a team of specialist staff with many years’ experience. We catering your entire requirement with our best team who are fully conversant with the technical and operational skills required.

As the gulf population require more and more properties and hotels near the coast line; less and less sea front is available and the detritions of existing business. We as diver had engineered different divisions to solve the problems and repair the beaches and stop the detritions of another coast line.

As professional we carry extensive study of waves and current depth and design and solve the problem in the construction stage of the work.

Port Construction

Divers Group L.L.C. is offer a Varity service in Marine Construction field such as;

  • Landing Craft
  • Boat Slipway
  • Mobile Travel lift
  • Island
  • Bridge (Concrete, Steel, Wooden, etc…)

We have done a lot of excellent Landing craft project for UAE government sector. Abu Dhabi is a one of the largest states where is the spread over about marine environmental background. We have participated to it by construction of several excellent projects recently in 2008 such as in Ras Al Akhdar Island and Rumhan Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Boat slip ways are using the across the UAE in specially in the port area and boat repairing area which is most required. We did a huge project and wide range across the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jebal Ali and Sharjah. By spreading of busy marine environment in the UAE its required to base on the new technology, new method and science. We brought them a new idea as Mobile travel lift. In a current business background and marine requirements, it’s a highly recommended part specially in a port and vessel repairing and construction area. We introduced and build up several marine travels lift for the government sector recently at Sharjah Mina Khaled Port.

As an independent private company with a solid foundation, we always happy to full filed the client’s requirements. In the based on this situation we have done several island construction projects for the private and specially for the government sector. By sand filling or sand and rock exporting we start to build their own dream and future with environmental protection. Even in the marine construction or in the land operation the requirements of the bridges are very important. Such as sadiyath bridge project we are already participated to build it in different way. As per client’s requirements we do the different kind of bridges considering it status and what is it use for. We give our services by Concrete, steel, wooden, etc.…

From the growing of the population and spreading of their requirements marine sector also becoming enlarge. At present, the environment filled with commercial buildings, residential building and any other operational buildings. in this case we are ready to build your requirements as much you want and your way. We did the several operation building such as pump houses, electrical operation building which is specially for help to operate the marine sector. Ras Gumais pump houses with electrical facilities and Mirafa and Murawah Pump houses will be proved.

Sheet Pile Works

We are also one of the U.A.E.’s leading driven steel piling contractors and foundation. Underground and Marine Engineering, specializing in all forms of driven steel piling, Dock and Harbour works and Canal Protection schemes.

  • Sheet Pile Jetty
  • Concrete Jetty
  • Quay wall

Services as a local U.A.E. company, the experience of our U.A.E. associates mean that no other organization is better equipped to find solutions to whatever engineering challenges your project may present. Our continually developing technology, operational performances and willingness to innovate, together offer our clients a service of the highest quality.

We own and operate a comprehensive range of specialist piling equipment, ranging from conventional percussive hammers, through the full range of vibratory hammers. We carry extensive stocks of new and used piles which enable us to react promptly to any urgent requirements or emergency situations such as embankment slips, flooding and the like.

Ground conditions and the problems they pose to projects are Techno and multi-faceted. We are. Experienced and depth of international knowledge can provide a wide variety of solutions tailored to your projects. These solutions can often offer significant time and cost savings. As a team we are ready to work with you to develop the best and most cost-effective solutions to your problems.

We are a highly respected company; the port construction is active throughout the region. We had broad experienced in many heavy civil and marine projects with governmental bodies and private sector. We had proven to be a solid and constructive partner for all of our clients. Every project, especially the port constructive partner for all of our clients. Every project, especially the port constructions in marine sector that are always unique in their design, our engineering teams have the experience with projects. Since we started we carried out various large projects throughout the region.

Water Storage Lakes

Divers Group is located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, is one of the marine contracting and environmental business’s leading players. We have installed over Thousands of square feet of containment lining, and have over 20 years of combined experience in the industry.

Divers Group staff also understands the dynamic nature of the environmental business, and the importance of maintaining current and comprehensive knowledge of the industry to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions. Divers Group works with the industry’s  leading Contractor and Builders to provide solutions with uncompromising quality, and long-term reliability. 


  • Landfill liners are designed and constructed to create a barrier between the waste that is dumped in the landfill and the ground below it. When a new landfill disposal area is constructed, referred to as a landfill cell, the geo-membrane liner and other geo-synthetic products are installed. Once these materials are placed, they are then seamed together and tested to verify that the seams do not contain leaks or weak points.
  • These liner materials ensure that leachate is channeled properly through the landfill to a collection point rather than allowing leakage into the ground where it can become a hazard to groundwater and the surrounding environment.
  • Solid waste landfills are highly engineered containment systems that are designed to minimize the impact that waste (refuse, trash, and garbage) can do to the environment and human health. The geo-membrane liner’s primary purpose is to isolate the landfill’s components from the environment and to ensure protection of the soil and groundwater.
  • When considering a liner installer for a landfill, do the research and see that TECHNO MARINE. not only has an amazing track record, but we go beyond what is asked to do a job properly. TECHNO MARINE installs not only quantity, but more importantly quality.


  • Floating covers for liquid waste are, just as they sound, covers which float on top of a liquid storage area to form a barrier between the liquid contents and the outside environment. These floating covers can be used for gas containment and collection, keeping wastewater odor out of the surrounding environment, protection against evaporation, and cleaner water by keeping contaminants out of valuable reservoir contents.
  • Divers Group can offer this service along with other services provided for you such as wastewater treatment lagoons, agricultural lagoons, and potable water storage ponds.

Dredging & Excavation Works

Since the beginning Divers Group L.L.C. has focused on waterway enhancement projects around UAE. With a fleet of modern dredging and excavating equipment, a highly experienced technical staff, and an excellent company tradition, Divers Group L.L.C. provides excellent services in Dredging and excavation sector.

Dredging and excavation is covered with Reconfigure shorelines, slopes, or improve depth of existing beach or sand level to maximize recreational or development value, improve beaches, and improve water quality. Expand recreational uses by increasing water depth and clarity to improve fishing, boating, skiing, Improve boat access to docks or marinas etc.

Divers Group is a dynamic company that has the capability and expertise to perform specialty projects

We have access to the most comprehensive resources and expertise within the industry – state of the art dredging & marine construction equipment, sophisticated R & D facilities and a total range of skills in support of the dredging process, we operate in all sectors of the UAE dredging, marine construction and coastal engineering markets including maintaining and developing the nation’s ports and waterways, providing services and materials for the country’s sea defenses

Divers Group own fleet of dredgers and support equipment is, for the most part, permanently based in the UAE thereby minimizing response times and mobilization costs. This also allows for a varied and versatile range of plant and equipment to be matched with the task at hand for optimum performance and cost efficiency. By its nature, operating in this market requires appreciation and awareness of the intimate interaction between business requirements and the environment. The company has developed an HSE policy consistent with these. To further facilitate these principles, the company is committed to a Programme of staff training and ongoing development of innovative equipment and techniques to minimize any impact on the environment. The highest standards of quality are maintained with our procedures certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2015.

Marine Transportation

Our goal is to transport our customer’s product in a manner that will result in 100% customer satisfaction. We will achieve this goal through a comprehensive system incorporating conformance to customer requirements with an emphasis on safety, environmental stewardship and the continuous effort to improve all phases of our operation.

Marine Equipments & Accessories

Divers Group L.L.C is an acknowledged industry leader supplying marine accessories to thousands of satisfied customers. With a reputation that has been built on providing premium-quality accessories and the best in customer service, is committed to excellence. We are engaged in manufacturing and marketing marine accessories for the marine original equipment manufacturer and aftermarket segments.

Floating Marina

Since the company has grown to create its own niche in this specialist industry. The company is based on the principle of providing the highest quality product for marina developments at the most competitive prices possible. Now, it is growing on day to day basis. As the company is based on practical “on site” experienced, we believe that we are geared to service the industry overall, which is reflected in the company’s management approach.

We take advantage of our 19 years of experienced in the design and manufacture of floating marinas and structures of engineer and develop an innovative and advanced Floating Dock System which takes advantage of some of the latest materials and leading-edge technologies in the field of marine structures design. Our Best Products are

  • Wooden floating pontoon
  • Steel Floating Pontoon
  • Concrete Floating Pontoon
  • HDPE Floating Pontoon

Our Marina was formed to fulfill the needs of our clients with projects at different stages of development. The approach is to provide as much as the client requires towards their marina development and associated facilities. It is a one of best construction services which that we are providing.

Survey & Salvage Works

In all the projects the measurement at sea, precise positioning is essential and a range of systems are used from lasers for short-range very high accuracy work to global satellite navigation systems for positioning. Most of the processing and presentation of the data collected at sea is undertaken using computers. In many cases survey data are processed on board ship providing immediate access to the end product charts and maps. Certain types of survey data processing require access to large computing resources and very elaborate processing software. Seismic survey to investigate the geological structure to considerable depths below the seafloor. This type of survey is mainly conducted in support of exploration for offshore oil and gas reserves. Deep ocean survey to investigate the seabed off the continental shelf in water depths of up to 6 kilometers.

Results of these surveys are used for research into seafloor geology and plate tectonics, as well as for practical 

Marine operation requires experienced and skilled personnel and specialized equipment for salvage in particular, timing and fast response of critical importance.

Marine emergency response at this level requires the experience of dedicated salvage professionals, supported by the specialized vessels and equipment. Our full range of engineering facilities and logistics support world-wide ensures that we can operate efficiently in remote locations. Rapidly changing demands and a new emphasis on the care of the environment have encouraged Techno Marine Contracting Salvage to offer special services in the area of environmental care.


  • Salvage and Towage
  • Wreck removal and inspection.
  • Ship recovery.

Diving Operation

Diver Group L.L.C. started a commercial diver since 1988. We had a wide range of experience in underwater operations and maritime services, specialized in diving operations. We have successfully completed many years of difficult projects for state and federal government agencies, power plants, U.A.E. armed forces, Engineering facilities, construction companies, municipalities and private industry.

We are commercial diving performs underwater civil and offshore works in all conditions and has concluded successful projects for the last 19 years.

We earned a reputation around the country for the exceptional service and keeping safety as our top priority. Apart from the above services we also design, develop and construct surface and sub-surface equipment for maritime sensors, video imaging and seabed sampling.

  • Underwater Cutting and Welding
  • Underwater Concreting
  • Underwater Installation
  • Underwater Video / Photo survey
  • Intake Screen Cleaning


Diver Group L.L.C. performing ship repair and fabrication works, where we have moved to more specialized fabrication and construction of barges for coast guard and specialized equipment’s for decollation plants with building of heavy-duty barges and tugs. We take a hands-on approach in developing a supply chain strategy with both immediate and long-term benefits for all of your shipping needs. We do this through careful analysis and needs assessments of the value of your current supply chain management system. We facilitate all of your international and domestic shipping, custom brokerage, and warehousing, crating and specialized or expedited shipping needs. Our Main fabrications include the following

  • Vessel (Barge, Tug Boats, Speed Boats, Dredger, etc.…)
  • Steel goods (Marker Buoys, Gates, Doors, Steel bars for Jetties, etc.…)
  • Concrete Items (Concrete Collars, Artificial Reefs, Marine Protection Blocks, etc.…)
  • Cabins (Porta Cabin, etc.…)

We are specialized for building, repairing and maintenance for the small to huge vessels. We build barges, tug boats, ships and different kinds of sea vessels. We do the all works by using excellent qualified engineers.

Equipments Hire

Diver Group L.L.C. has been in equipment hire business for the last 17 years in the gulf and U.A.E. serving over 1,000 companies and government establishments with the latest equipment having high quality service and reliable maintenance with more than 1,500 equipment fleet.

This division is doing all equipment hiring works in United Arab Emirates and beyond. It has more than 1,000 heavy equipment’s including Generators, Air Compressor, Welding Machines, Crane, Shovel, Excavators and Sandblasting and Pneumatic Equipment’s. We are a market leader with an outstanding reputation, equipment and customer focus, which would complement their current and future business objectives. We have recognized that our customers are our future, and the success of our future is the consistent quality services.

We are the leading U.A.E. machinery hiring company with a pivotal position in the burgeoning industrial maintenance, commercial construction and resources sectors. As a customer, it is important for us to provide you the best services for you to get maximum value. Following equipment’s are all the time available for hiring

  • Crane, Excavator, Shovel, Roller, JCB, Truck, etc.…
  • Marine Vessel Hire (Barge, Tug Boats, Speed Boats, Dredger, etc.…)
  • Electric / Power Equipment’s (Generator, Air Compressor, Welding Machine, Light Tower, etc.…)